Cain on steam: Problem: Cannot start the Undergames Campaign

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i already made a steampost about this, one of yours told me to delete the options file in the game data. Did that started the game but same bug.

I cannot select the first lvl in the campaign. Its framed in white but i cannot click it. So i cant start the first mission. Its nice that you try to solve it but if we cant get it to work it would like the 10 bucks back. Thanks for your time.

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Simon Avery

I had this issue on release day. I restarted Windows, which had some updates pending, then restarted WFTO (which also had a small patch), and it started working fine. 

Might be worth a go?

Stefan Furcht
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The latest hotfix was supposed to address this issue.
Please let us know if it is fixed or not by now.


[Dev] Nanorock

Hello Cain, and sorry about the issue. I will need a bit more information to find what the issue is. Can you follow this link:

And post your log in here please ?

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Declined due to lack of response, will reopen on response