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AI broken on custom map

matt_jc2008 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 7

The AI on a custom map - Abyssal Nexus(which is on the workshop if you wish to test it), is now broken as of the 2.0 update, when previously it functioned perfectly fine. The AI can no longer play the game on this map(have not tested others), and fail to dig gold at the gold shrine, dig to and claim the portal or build rooms beyond a tiny archive and beast den. All of the enemy AI Imps and Minions circle their owners Dungeon Cores indefinitely.

Here is a screenshot of the minions circling a Dungeon Core.


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We will take a look early next week, why the AI got stuck on this map.
Thanks for letting us know!

There are multiple problems occuring here.
Seems like the AI considers Neutral faction as an Enemy and it has a countdown before it is allowed to engage enemy properties, which is depending on difficulty between 11 and 45 minutes.

So it is not totally stuck but would take ages before it starts to claim the portal and the shrine.

I am going to make it not see neutral as an enemy, however maps usually use Terrain(factionId = -1) for unclaimed rooms on their map, which avoids problems like this.

However to not interrupt room building too much in the early game it has also a countdown to go for claiming the first shrine, which is depending on difficulty between two and an half and 10 minutes.

But on this maps this is bad, simnce the gold shrine is the only source of income, so I will make it go for gold shrines earlier, if it doesn't find gold.

Then all cores but the core of the faction in south east has lost connection to the ground and thus has not set the tiles below to unwalkable so units constantly ty to path into the core.

I need to see how this defect could have been happening.

We found multiple custom maps having the issue that units walk into the cores.

They will be all autofixed on load with next update.

The other issues are fixed as well as mentioned and will be patched with next update.
Thanks for pointing us to these problems!

Completed - Next Patch