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Unable to change themes for other 'players' in custom maps, it seems to default to random regardless of what is chosen when testing.

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Well, you already knew it was a problem, but I'm glad you're on top of it. Retrofitting such an advanced level editor into a game like this could not have been easy.

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This specifically refers to Locked AI players. I wanted to test somthing in Toybox mode.


Hi Tom, this was actually a late (really close to release) temporary "quick fix" to solve a bug where using the custom theme stuff would break the Locked players AI. The devs are aware of it and should be taking a look next week when they're back in the office.

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Did this get added? I'm not seeing it anywhere on the patch notes.

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It should be in yeah. Have a play.

I had a try last night, its still not having any effect on the preview. I tried both my work in progress pet dungeon and a test scenario map.

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Can you please upload the map that this is not working on and tell us what it should be locked to

Well I'm only doing testing at the moment, I don't really have a finished map I want to change. I was planning a campaign called better dungeons and gardens where I give a tour of all of the different underlord designs.

(Also, I don't actually know where these files are stored. Its not in the main folder and its not in 'my games' either).

This should help : How to: Locate your save files

Just send whatever you have, it doesnt need to be a final map.

Here you are, fleshcraft was my work in progress pet dungeon map and the latter is the map I made to test the factions.

faction experience_edit_76561197979993116.metafleshcraft_20180421210010.metafaction experience_20180621205526fleshcraft_edit_76561197979993116.metafaction experience_20180621205526.metafleshcraft_20180421210010fleshcraft_edit_76561197979993116faction experience_edit_76561197979993116faction experience_20180621205526fleshcraft_20180421210010fleshcraft_edit_76561197979993116

In fleshcraft the main player is whoever and the other two are Volter and that crazy haunted house guy I can't remember the name of, I don't think I put the latter in yet.

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This newest version may have fixed the problems I've been having. If so I'll reply back and I think we can close this.

Yes, Just checked and its definately fixed now. If it breaks again (which I doubt) I'll just make another thread, thanks for all of your help.

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No worries let us know if you need any further help