Conduit boosts wall reinforcement speed

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To reproduce, make sure you have two newly-exposed, non-reinforced normal earth walls a moderate distance apart. Place a conduit so that it covers one wall but not the other. Pick up all your imps, then summon two more so you have two lvl 1 imps with 0 XP. Place one imp on each wall. The imp with the conduit will finish reinforcing faster.

I think this is a bug, or at least a balance issue, because

  1. The conduit description says that it speeds up mining and claiming territory, and says nothing about reinforcement.
  2. The conduit is in the vein of Wrath, which isn't meant to focus on reinforcing walls.
  3. Reinforced walls improve room efficiency; if Conduit makes it faster to get a fully-reinforced Archive at the start of the game, it's a must-pick aspect.

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Stefan Furcht
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I think this is intended, maybe the text description is not clear enough.

At least I know that some pro players use it to fortify their work rooms quicker.

But we will double check with Josh, if this is intended by design.


The only thing that the conduit should not work for is the gold shrine. 

It is also stacking for the gold shrine, we'll get to work on both of these

Josh Bishop
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Jannes Jaudszims

Dont change conduit affecting wall reinforcement speed its awesome! Also conduit can be taken by everyone for just 1 sin as everyone already takes beast den anyway!

Just let the tool tip say it affects wall reinforcement speed and its fixed =)

Biervampir [AUT]

I'm heavily against this.

About reenforcing walls, that's actually a very good thing for turtling. It makes a great tool for Sloth Wrath Hybrid builds.

About research speed boost, it gives you a sin 10seconds earlier (I have tested that in many times in various orders).

It's also very accessable, so why the fuck not having it as well as a tool to reenforce walls


I am also strongly against this. It is not that easy to micro conduits to reinforce walls as it is, and it is a costly process. The conduit, and hence wrath, would lose a lot of use.

Josh Bishop
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