on the new dlc the mini map constantly goes blank also the banshees spam way to fast also spells like obey wont work on enemy turf and minoins st there not doing anything if unhappy when rallied when rigght infront of a shard

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Make a separate ticket for each issue, please.

Stefan Furcht

The "minimap goes black" issue is known and reported to the Vendor of our UI middleware.

It is an issue on their end and we can do nothing about until they fix it.

All what we are able to do is to recreate the entire minimap instance, which can be triggered by opening the pause menu by pressing ESC.

This will fix the issue with the Minimap until it happens again.

Once we receive the third party fix, this won't be required anymore.
Hope this helps!

And as @Fluffiest said, please provide a separate report for each individual issue you encounter, otherwise it will be a nightmare to manage the bug report.

Each individual issue can be prioritized and fixed by different people, but this only works, when we receive a different report for each issue.

So please report the other issues in separate threads.

Thank you!

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1)This is a known issue with a pending fix

2)This should now be more manageable

3)Most spells do not work outside of your land

4)Please can you upload a save game of that issue

How to: Locate your save files