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Game crashes display driver after winning map

elsarild 5 years ago updated by Scott Richmond (Programmer & Producer) 5 years ago 17

Just downloaded the game fresh after seeing 2.0 got released.

I finished the first mission, but as soon as i had won and the game went to the win screen, both monitors goes black and never recovers. The audio continues playing in the background, and as far as I could tell runs fine, however a forced reboot is necessary to solve this issue. After rebooting I went on to mission 2, played it, and as soon as I had won, the screen goes black again.

No crash log as the game never technically crashed. Nvidia drivers are up to date and this issue is, as of yet, exclusive to WFTO

This was in my Windows Event viewer: https://imgur.com/a/TdsBy38 Even though it says the drivers recovered, they never do.

Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
    Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz
    16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 793MHz (9-9-9-24)
    MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition (MS-7922) (SOCKET 0)
    4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (EVGA)

Game Version:
Steam Public

Scared to play any map right now due to this. :O

Just had it happen when loading a new map as well.

Hey guys,

We released a few hotfixes over the past few weeks to fix a few things and I think we may have resolved this. Could you please try out the game again?

I've attempted after every update but no dice I'm afraid, unless there's a new one over this past weekend that I for whatever reason haven't gotten yet.

I'll attempt it again right away however.

Thanks for the rapid reply. The main issue I see in your log is this:

D3D11: Failed to create RenderTexture (2560 x 1440 fmt 44 aa 1), error 0x887a0005

The error code at the end says:

"The video card has been physically removed from the system, or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred."

Of course that is quite unlikely, but may point to a hardware or driver bug that our particular version of Unity3D is struggling to recover from.


  1. Delete the options.txt file in the game directory under \WFTOGame_Data\GameData\ to get a fresh set of options.
  2. Turn off all post processing features in the game - Anti-Aliasing, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion in the game options.

Just played through level 4, no dice, black screen happens immediately after the black "curtains close" effect is over. Since starting this thread I've installed a clean version of my drivers and got an update a week or so ago.

I'll give your idea a shot when able, though booting up my PC after the forced reboot is now making it throw BIOS boot errors so I'm pretty wary of having to do too much of this.

Just finished level 5 and no black screen this time round, it finished as it should, cut scene and all.

I'll continue playing for a bit and let you know if I run into the problem again.

Not Fixable

Unfortunately elsarild there's nothing we can do if your PC is having such severe issues. 

I would strongly recommend running a burnin test to evaluate the health of your hardware

The health of my hardware isn't really in question.

I'm running less demanding games, more demanding games and everything in between, there are no issue with any other games, unity or not, and there are no system crashes during any other activity. All drivers are concurrent, as is my BIOS, and my event log is pretty much clean as a whistle, barring the ones where the display Driver dies in this exact spot in WFTO. 

The BIOS throwing errors is because of an improper shutdown of a specific USB device, I have since disconnected it.

This isn't replicable on any of the machines we have available to us. Without any way to reproduce it we can't find the cause. 

Simply finishing the level doesn't cause issue on any of those machines.

I would consider using DDU[http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html]  to attempt a fresh install

I understand it's not possible to solve if you can't replicate it.

But as I said iwas able to finish a level with the settings turned off listed above, I'll let you know if this is a permenent solution or if the issue continues after a few more levels.

If disabling those option has improved the situation then we will take a look but its unlikely we will be able to fix it 

I've now finished 6 missions, including going in and out of the pet dungeon without a single crash. Considering the crash before was a 95% guarantee before disabling those 2 settings, I'd say that disabling them fixes the issue.

Completed - Resolved

It's worrying that those settings cause a crash but we will update the crash docs to reflect this