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Hi guys,

I love the concept as I've been a huge fan of Dungeon keeper. When I first bought the game it must have been in Beta?? (I remember only like 2 levels available).

So it's been ages and I started playing the game and noticed two things. One is probably because my pc is crappy (laggy etc), but other than that it seems to be fine.

There are occasionally random crashes- not sure why. But the main thing that is irking me is that the SAVE FUNCTION will not work. Every time I try to save nothing happens. It just gives me the saving game button, i Hit it, it pauses for a while and nothing is there.

It has only worked about 4 times of 400 tries. I also noticed when I try to save over a saved file (that has miraculously) saved, it DELETES the saved game!!

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Steam Internal QA
Stefan Furcht Programmer

Hello Keegan,
what you describe is typical for having less available RAM than stated in the minimum requirements.
When a save game is created all relevant state information is put into RAM before written to hard disk.
This is a thing which can fail on bigger maps for users having below 4GB RAM and then no save game will be created.
Also the game can crash on large maps with a lot of stuff when the game runs out of memory.
So not enough RAM is the most likely cause in your case.

To be sure we would need to take a look at your output_log.txt
This file is recreated on each play session, so after you triggered the problem do not restart the game and upload the log here.
Read here how to find and upload it:

However if we figure it is insufficient RAM then you can only upgrade your system or you need to quit all other programs/processes which use much RAM while playing, lower texture quality and playing lower resolution and avoid to play large maps with many players/objects on it to circumvent out of memory issues.

Hope this helps!

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Thanks for your help Void :)

I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case. I recently (just before I got this game) was contemplating an upgrade (I also know my RAM is very low these days, I think I have 2 gb or something).

As a result I am doing a complete overhaul and spending about 2 grand to upgrade to a brand new pc.

Thanks so much for your help again!!

Stefan Furcht Programmer

If you switch to anything equal or higher to windows 7 64bit you should be fine.
A 64bit OS is important, if you want to be able use over 3.5 GB.


Jan - Eric Merzel
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