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workers standing in the vault, seeming to continously drop the same gold, and not moving away

gregored 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6
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I can confirm that I saw this issue myself via Steam broadcast.

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Description of the bug below.

I just found this issue on a user map.  Workers are gathering gold, and several come to the vault, and stay in one position, and the gold just keeps dropping, without creating  a pile on the tile, and the workers seem to be stuck in place, unless I grab them and move them away.

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Hey guys,
I can't really make it happen by just playing the map.
Do you have any additional pointers how to trigger this issue?

Without reproduction steps it will be hard to fix things like this.

So if you'd have any list of steps to make the problem occur, it'd bew very much appreciated.


Cannot Replicate

Unfortunately we cannot replicate, let us know if it happens again