Beasts in arena stopped fighting

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 5 years ago 4

Beasts in arena stopped fighting. Savegame

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Steam Public

Appearently the walkabilities of this particular arena in this particular map got broken, so that all edges to the outside are walkable but not vise versa.

It is immediately fixed by replacing the arena or even by just adding or removing a tile.

We do not know how this happened but it never happens to any freshly placed arena and we never saw it elsewhere.

Unless you can show us a way to get a newly build arena in to that state, we are not going to act upon this issue yet,

since it might be caused by any data corruption on the map save file rather than due to an actual bug in the game.

Let us know if you can find a reproducable way to get a newly build arena into do this broken state.