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Non-fuctioning 3x3 room

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 14

You can place non-fuctioning 3x3 rooms.

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Just to check have you tried exporting and testing with this bug? It is possible that it corrects itself outside of the editor though I agree it doesn't look ideal. I'd check it myself but I'm currently only with a little laptop that isn't very friendly to WFTO :(

It's not only in the map editor,  you see the same thing in the game.


Thanks for the confirmation I'll pass this through. :)

This is one of the variants of this bug:


I mentioned it to Nano a couple of months ago and he said it was fixed, but I have been able to replicate it since. I am not sure if it is fixed internally or not.

You explain many different replication scenario. I believe I fixed one way, I can't really remember which. Can you split your ticket into different ticket with a single way to replicate ?


Replication steps for this ticket (Not for Webbernever's) confirmed today on public live.

  1. Using map editor tools (or godmode) place two 3x3 rooms next to each other
  2. Extend one room into the other by adding a single tile within the 3 joining tiles of the other room
  3. Restore the room to it's 3x3 shape, the prop will now be missing.


Can you check the replication steps in your ticket to see if any other steps continue to lead to the replication of this issue?

That one should be fixed internally I believe

I believe that all the prop bugs were fixed internally except for the multiplayer prop bug. Just tested both of these the internal build and both have been fixed:

1: This bug fixes itself in the internal build, a prop appears.

2: This bug fixes itself because the prop disappears.

I cannot test the multiplayer bug but I reckon that it is still at large (this one):

Completed - Next Patch

@Webernever1 Can you confirm if that's still at large on internal if you guys have a match at any point. Thanks for your input I'm going to mark this as completed next patch for now.

Completed - Next Patch
Completed - Resolved