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Revealed artifacts invisible after reload

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 18

Revealed artifacts in fog of war become invisible and have to be discovered again after reload.

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This will be one to look into again in 2018 but If possible some extra clarification would be appreciated. The artifacts in question are the artifacts that your workers carry back to the archive as opposed to the ones on the second Heart of Gold level? How were they revealed originally, the fog of war is meant to hide things again as time passes but it sounds as though something peculiar is happening here.

Regulart artifacts on a custom map. My creatures revealed them.

Could they have originally been random artefacts (The ones placeable in the map editor which spawn as a random one each time), this could be an unexpected case where they have been removed but can still be spawned via that randomness?

Any type of artifact.

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This needs further review from QA in 2018.


Confirmed this behaviour. Simple to replicate:

1. Launch a map such as Smoulder

2. Reveal the map

3. Go to a revealed artifact

4. Hide the Map - Note that the Artefact is still visible

5. Save - Load

6. The Artefact will no longer be visible

This is playing with the default fog of war mutator on Smoulder.

Completed - Next Patch
Completed - Resolved

This bug still exists. Level 2 of the heart of gold expension: I've claimed 3 artifacts (booby trap, gold, papa pig), quicksaved, quit the game. After reloading the artifacts (floating orbs on the shrine) are no longer visible but I'm still being "urged" to click on them, the research was complete etc. 

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That sounds like a different issue. Can you please send us your log?

A log is created by the game every time you play. Posting this is essential to us investigating your issue. 

Please note that this file is wiped every time the game launches, so ensure the bug you are reporting happened during your last play session. 

The location of the log can be found in the following location based on OS:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\War For The Overworld\WFTOGame_Data\output_log.txt




~/.config/unity3d/Subterranean Games/War For The Overworld/

Oh, if anyone is interested: since the orbs are not visible, you cannot click them, but not all is lost: they also appear in your "artifacts" tab, with a golden border, and you can click them there. This way, you can complete the level. 

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Closed due to lack of response, will reopen upon response

Sorry, you're right. They said "Regulart artifacts on a custom map. My creatures revealed them.", I was referring to the special artifacts on the second level of gold output_log.txt - you want a savegame as well?  Screenshot here: 
20181104200417_1.jpg - see how the 3D artifact on the map is invisible, but the artifact tab clearly shows the artifact. Rightlclicking it brings me to that spot, so the game "knows" it is still there. 


Updating status to appropriately reflect that this ticket is awaiting our next Triage pass.

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Hi Guys,

We have just completed our triage checks of all reported issues. Sadly this one has not passed into our queue as unfortunately, the issue is deeply rooted and at this stage, it's difficult to guarantee the resources to address the issue as it may have far-reaching consequences across the game. As the Artefacts can still be interacted with there are also ways to manage the problem, though we recognise that is not ideal.

Please don't let this discourage you for reporting issues in the future, many of the tickets in our triage queue have successfully passed triage and have been assigned a priority in our work queue.

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