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"Steamworks is not initialized"

dl 5 vuodet sitten pävittänyt Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 vuodet sitten 4

Hello support,

I get this error message when trying to start the game.

This problem occured on SteamOS. I have then installed a fresh ubuntu und installed steam. I'm facing the same issue again, therefore I guess it is a linux issue.

I have read the article http://brightrockgames.userecho.com/forums/2-war-for-the-overworld-knowledge-base/topics/1897-steamworks-not-initialized/ but since this is a totally fresh installation, I do not think reinstalling would help.



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I forgot to mention that I always start the game directly from the steam client, so did I in this case.

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Hi DL,

What's happening here is the game is for some reason unable to communicate to the Steam servers, it's part of the blackbox that is the Steamworks API and isn't part of WFTOs codebase, we're simply returning the error message.

This issue is usually resolved simply by restarting Steam and logging in again, so give that a go first. It seems odd it would have persisted through reinstalling your OS and Steam entirely but it shouldn't be limited to Linux, we know there are currently players with no issue on SteamOS and Ubuntu.

Beyond that I could only imagine that something is preventing the game from communicating outwards but I wouldn't be able to guess as to what might be happening there. 

Let me know how you get on,



please close this by now. After a couple of times, the game started and it seems to run fine now. I will reopen the ticket if I need further assistance.



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No problem, good to hear it sounds like it could have just been an intermittent issue on Steam's side.