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Overworld gateway + barracks

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 12

When you control overworld gateway and barracks, some templar that enter your dungeon count as 2. The actual number of  templars you control will be less than the number in barracks tooltip .

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Another bug: wardens ( attracted by forge) count as units attracted by barracks.

Under Review

Thanks for the report, I'll be placing it in the list for review next year for Cian to run through the Empire unit list and make sure these are all setup correctly.

Not a Bug

This is intended, Wardens occupy .6 of a training room slot. That is likely what you saw when you thought That the templar counted as two

As an aside upon discussing this with the creative director we will be adjusting the Warden's attraction rates to match that of the Chunder so if this was the cause it will be addressed in a future patch.

This bug occurs when you only have barracks and overworld gateway . 

Can you confirm that you only had templars?

Yes, only templars.

Will the ticket not be reopened?

Pending Customer

Can you upload a savefile showcasing this?

Completed - Resolved

This is now fixed