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map editor right click menu

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 10

1. create a new map

2. place some creatures

3. rotate the camera so that creatures face it

4. if you rightclick a creature, its rightclick menu will not appear

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Confirmed following the instructions above. Didn't notice it at first but it seems that rotation makes the right click menu inaccurate or more appropriately it causes the targeting to click through objects (Units, Defenses etc.) instead and select the tile below them.

I'll attach a video to demonstrate. Thanks for catching this, certainly a new issue.

This is happening in other modes and is a general issue with targeting units and click through from certain angles.

Some additional replications and notes for this in normal gameplay:

Defense Templates
Palyer Owned Defense Templates are susceptible to this, once a defence is built it is no longer affected.

  • Place a Defense Template and hover the hand over it
  • Rotate around the Template at some points it will no longer be targeted

Enemy Units
Enemy Units are affected by this in all modes but only for empty-hand hovering (same as the editor) when a spell is selected there is no issue. I.e. you can still use lightning regardless of angle.

  1. Place an enemy unit
  2. Rotate the camera and hover the hand over the unit
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