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I have both the Steam and GoG versions of the game, and have purchased the Underlord  edition upgrade for both versions.  I have completed all the achievements which unlock themes.  I find there are several themes available to me in the Map Editor that are not available to use at all in the game--including the Kickstarter, Founders, and Dark Arcane, for a total of 14 themes in the editor, with only 10 showing up in game, on the map load screens.  Is this normal? 

I give you my thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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Steam Public Beta
Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Gregored,

This is indeed normal. The Map Editor allows you to select practically any theme for the Empire faction that you desire including themes you have not yet unlocked. The three themes you mentioned are somewhat exclusive as you might imagine the Kickstarter and Founder's themes were made available to Kickstarter backers only but are now actually available as part of a charity drive. The Dark Arcane theme is not currently available outside of the physical edition of the game but we have a plan to make that available sometime in the future, it will likely be earned as opposed to bought as well. :)

Hope that helps,