Game starts, but won't load

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Hi all. I only installed WFTO yesterday, so maybe I'm missing something that's really obvious.
When I tried to play the game, I got through the menus(it was 2 in the morning so I got decreasingly subtle instructions to go to bed from the disembodied voice) with no major problems - it's a bit slow, but that's not weird - and the introductory video at the start of the campaign, but after that nothing loaded.
I tried loading a skirmish map, and the same thing happened. The loading screen comes up, bits of trivia pop up under the loading bar(so it's not frozen), but said bar remains a tiny blob of blue steadfastly refusing to move. I left it there for about an hour, nothing happened.

I tried reinstalling, nothing changed. I have verified the integrity of my game cache, it's fine.

I did see that someone else had this problem, but as far as I'm aware I do not have the same background programmes running that they did. Of course I now cannot find the thread, but they fixed it by doing something to the ports on a filesharing programme. I'm not running one, so I don't think it's the same problem!

I really would like to be able to play this game.

Windows 7, 64bit, 8GB RAM with 3.00GHz Intel Core CPU

output_log.txt output_log.txt

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Stefan Furcht
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Hello Madeline,

your log shows an issue with initializing up the networking for the game:
( )

The error says that the socket the game tries to use is already in use or something is blocking the network connection which can have multiple reasons.

In simplest case maybe any process using the socket did hang and not free it.
Did you try to restart your computer since it happened? (not very likely but possible it fixes it)

Do you run any software / server which is using ports 27015 and 27016 which are required by the game?
Please double check if these ports are available and not blocked.
(eg. ARK Server is known to do so and can not run together with the game)

Do you use any security software which might (unintentionally) block the networking for the game?
If yes add an exception for WFTO.exe and WFTOGame.exe.
(AVG Antivirus is the only AV software known for seeing the game as false positive, but it could be potentially caused by any security software)

You are not aware of any program which is still installed which could change network restrictions or block connections and none of above hints help?
If you are sure your network settings are not changed on good purpose and you would like to reset it to default behaviour,
then you could try to do an "winsock reset", restart the compouter and finally the game. See here how this can be done:
or watch this video

Please let us know if any of these helped to fix the issue.


Stefan Furcht
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Madeline Wildish

I'm trying to open those ports - they are indeed closed - and am having further issues with Windows Firewall and the MMC refusing to work, so it looks as if that's roughly where the problem is. Of course that's a system issue, not the game, so I'll keep trying to untangle it myself.

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Since this isn't a game related issue i'm going to mark it as declined but I hope you manage to get it working. Feel free to post another comment here (or start a new thread) if you have any more problems