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Corpses disappearing from empire-style crypt

Fluffiest 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 15

Repro instructions:

1) Start a game on Hell's Deep. Select the "Arcane" theme (I believe the "Empire" theme should work too).

2) Build a Crypt. I used 3*5 for my testing.

3) Grab three empire units from the toybox. Drop two onto one crypt pyre and one onto the other.

4) Wait until you attract a Necromancer, who should go to the Crypt to start raising ghouls. Keep the cursor hovered over the crypt so you can see the corpse count.

It's tough for me to work out exactly what's going on here. It looks like the corpse count goes down while the necromancer is trying to get into position to raise ghouls, without a ghoul actually appearing. When I test this with about three corpses in the crypt, the necromancer is generally able to get one ghoul out of it.

I'm pretty confident that the standard Underlord-style crypt is fine.

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Hey Fluffiest,

Thanks for the report, we will look for the root cause and keep you posted on our progress

Cannot Replicate

I can get this to happen pretty much every single time. Do you want me to send you a savegame where the problem is occuring?

Cannot Replicate

I'm sorry but I also can't replicate this o.O Even with the save file :^/

It turns out that saving and reloading a game fixes the problem with the crypt! Could you take another shot at it with the following steps, please:

  1. Start a new game on Hell's Deep, using the Empire, Arcane, or Dwarven themes.
  2. Solve the first possession challenge
  3. Build a 3*3 Crypt and a 3*3 Barracks
  4. Drop your first Gnarling onto the crypt pyre.
  5. Wait to see what your first Necromancer does. Every time I have tried this, he has walked to the crypt and consumed the corpse without successfully raising a ghoul.

This seems to be related to an issue with the "lids" of the Empire crypt props. On a freshly-built crypt, the props don't appear to have lids. After saving and reloading the game, the lids appear, and they animate when a ghoul is raised. When the crypt is sold, the lids remain.

Newly-built crypt:

The same crypt, after re-loading a saved game and having a Necromancer successfully raise a ghoul from it:

After selling that crypt:

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