Level 12, subjugation won't finish

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I defeated the dungeons to my left and bottom first. Then saved. After loading the game the next day I noticed the following:

- No more dialogs

- The defeated hearts are back (at least the models are) with a health of 0

- After defeating the dungeon on the right (with 2 hearts) the game doesn't register the win.

Save game attached.

- One save before the final dungeon was defeated

- One save afterwards.

Current buildID: 2209657

12 subjugation_20171021174215.zip

Game Version:
Steam Public

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Tim White
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Hi xiaolung,

Sorry to hear you've run into this problem. Thanks for taking the time to report the issue. I will accept this ticket so that our developers can investigate further. We will let you know the outcome.

Thank you,


Stefan Furcht

Hello xiaolung,

I loaded both of your save games and they both work for me as intented.

The first one I played to an end and destroyed both Korvek dungeon cores and the winning sequence triggered correctly.

The other save game must have been made instantly when Korveks second core was about to be destroyed.

Directly after loading it the winning sequence triggered.

Did this problem happen before you updated to Patch 1.6.5 (released last Thursday)?

I ask because one of the issues fixed in this patch is that you can not win a level from a save game which was made short before the last enemy core is destroyed.

However this was fixed in the newest patch and thus even your second save game works fine now.

Can you make sure you arew on version 1.6.5 and then load your save game again?

Can you tell us if the problem is fixed by now?


Stefan Furcht
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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the quick work! 

The second save was actually made a few minutes after the last core was destroyed as I was hoping the game would still continue. I am running 1.6.5f1 it seems. And after reloading the saves, I experience the same thing you are. I'm sure I didn't see an update, it doesn't mean it didn't happen though.

In short, all seems well now. Thanks again!

Kind regards

Stefan Furcht
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Hah I am glad it is now working for you.

We fixed this exact problem in the latest patch some days ago and this is why your report and the fix did overlap.

But thanks for reporting anyway.

Enjoy! :)

Stefan Furcht
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