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Freezing when hosting multiplayer

Marshalty 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 9

Dear Developers,

When i host a game and play with some friends my game eventually start freezing for about 0.5 seconds, this is getting more severe when the match progres. Eventually this is getting close to being unplayable. 

Some info:

Using standard maps.

No mods installed.

Verified files through Steam

Tried reinstalling.

15 mpbs upload / 50 mbps download speed.

Checked for (graphics card) drivers.

Only occuring during the host of a multiplayer session, so not happening during campaign/crucible/mypetdungeon.

If there's anything else you need to know, please ask.

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards, 



added dxdiag file and output file in the attachments.



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Hello Marshalty,
your log contains an networking error related to Unity's Mono version which is missing certificates.

We implemented a workaround to avoid this problem, but we are not 100% sure if this was the cause of your freezes.

We are soon releasing a minor patch v1.6.5.

Could you let us know if the problem persists after you are updated?

Thank you!

Hi Stefan,

thank you for the information, as soon as V1.6.5 launches i'll let you know below if this fixes the problem.


Hi Marshalty,

v1.6.5f1 should be out now, so please let us know if it made a difference for you.

Hello again, 

update the game, played with a friend against 2 ai's on a smaller map, freezes were still there so i assume that there will be more on a larger map.

This match didnt take long ( about 20 minutes. )

Will upload another output file after i played a game with severe freezing.

thanks in advance.


attached output log of last played session, in the last match i played there were severe freezes.

hope this helps, 



Hey Marshalty,

at least the errors from last time are now gone, but I can not see any other issue that would cause a freeze in the log.

Now I am unsure which cause we are looking for.

Could it be caused by an instable internet connection? 

Or do you encounter such freezes even in Single Player mode?

Hello Stefan, 

it doesn't happen in Singleplayer, so the most obvious thing is that it might be connected to my internet, yet my internet is fine. 

tested ping/upload/download few times during gameplay. I am going to ask a friend to host a match, besides that i'll try to record it.


Please let us know how it goes.

WftO is a bit bandwidth hungry but should work especially in just 1 vs 1 matches.

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