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Game stuck on loading screen

Stavros 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 10

Same issues as others here say. Tried all other solutions, no avail. I hear a thumping sound repeating.


War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt

Game Version:
Steam Public
Pending Customer

Hello Stavros,

thanks for providing your logs.
It seems to be the same issue as


We are in contact to GOG to find a solution for this problem.

It's still unsure why only certain users run into this issue.
To find this out it would be useful if you could provide us with your full system specs

If it takes too long, we will have to do a hotfix which temporarily removes GOG features from the Steam version.
Or are you GOG user?


Pending Customer

Hey Stavros,

In the interest of gaining more info about the issue, could we get you to run this software and drag the GalaxyCSharpGlue.dll into it?

Please then save the results and upload them here, saving as a .dwi would be best

(Download both files and put them in the same folder)



Sure, here's my specs. I do have the steam version, not the gog one. 



Thanks Stavros,

we figured that GalaxyCSharpGlue.dll is missing a dependency which is usually present on user systems but nor on yours somehow.
The most systems affected by this problem are Chinese but we do not know what exactly makes the difference yet.

To find out what is missing on your end, please run dependency walker on GalaxyCSharpGlue.dll like Cian explained above and upload the generated .dwi file.

This should give us a deeper an insight what is missing exactly to make it work and then we can hopefully assure that we distribute all required dependencies correctly in future versions of the game, so that no one needs to suffer from this problem again.

Thanks for your help to find the cause of this issue.

Here's the generated file, thanks for the prompt support!


Thank you again  Stavros,

this information will be very helpful when we get in contact with a GOG dev tomorrow.

We will let you know as early we know more.

Stay tuned and thanks a lot for being very helpful in narrowing the issue down!

Please double check that you have C++ redist 2010,2012,2013,2015. 2015 is the most important one. You can see which ones are installed in Control Panel -> Programs and Features.  You will find all installed Visual C++ Redistributable in your system.

If you are missing any then please go to the "_CommonRedist/vcredist" folder in the game's install directory and install the missing versions.

Please screenshot your control panel and send the image.

Can you also try and put the following files next to your executable for the game?



Works like a charm now. Thanks all!
Completed - Resolved

Glad to hear it, let us know if you have any further issues