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First game can not start / launch the game

SunPlus 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6

I need help!
I want to play this game,but have error message....

error image

Image 3787

Computer equipped

CPU:Inter Core i5-4460 3.20GHz

OS:WIN7 64

Memory: 16384MB RAM

DirectX Version: DirectX 11

GAME SAVE IN "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\War For The Overworld"


steam setting

Image 3790



Game Version:
Steam Public
Pending Customer

Hello SunPlus,

what happens if you confirm the above dialogue to select chinese language?

Doesn't the game start normally after this?

Hello Stefan Furcht,

Becase I user chinese language, so stream language alos chinese.

I buy this game from stream, and I don't select language.

this game default chinese.

Yes I understand that.
My question was:

What happens if you you just confirm the dialogue in your first screenshot with "OK" or "Yes"?
Doesn't the game start then normally?

If not, do you get this same dialogue again and again?

In this case it would be related to Steamworks DRM check failing and trying to start the game again together with Steam.
But when Steamworks then fails again to detect if Steam client is running, it does the same thing in a loop over and over.
Is it this what happens to you?
In this case deinstalling and reinstalling Steam client or running Steam client as Administrator usually fixes the problem.

By the way your output_log does not contain any harmful error, it rather looks like the game is started and then stopped before Steamworks is even initialized (which makes it look like an issue with Steamworks DRM check).

If I select "Yes", it's have new dialogue to select.

dialogue again and again......

If this case program is "Steamworks DRM check", Can bypass this rule?

Or Any Solution?

Hello again,

the problem you encounter can have mutiple causes, but the root cause is that Steamworks can not detect if Steam client is running and connected.

> in this case deinstalling and reinstalling Steam client or running Steam client as Administrator usually fixes the problem.

Did you try that?
When this problem occurred in the past, for most people it fixed itself after a simple reboot, for others by deinstalling and reinstalling Steam client.

Only in a few cases it was caused by an Antivirus or Firewall software blocking the connection to Steamworks.

If reinstalling Steam client doesn't fix the problem, then please try if disabling your Antivirus or Firewall allows the game to start correctly. If so, add an exception for the game executables WFTO.exe and WFTOGame.exe.

In only two cases I remember the problem was a caused by a faulty winsock configuration.

In this case a How To: Reset WinSock did help to solve.

I hope any of these solutions work for you?

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