Game hangs on load screen [mac]

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I'm having issues with the game, which is a real shame. I get into the menu, everything is fine, then when I load any game (campaign, skirmish etc.) the game enters the load screen, it loads to about 80%, starts making a "dun dun" sound on a loop, and never gets any further. 

I've tried changing the video settings, using the beta instead (1.6.3f1), reinstalling, nothing seems to help. 

I'm using a MacBook Pro running MacOSX 10.8.5 (yes, it's old, and, I would prefer not to upgrade)

2.8 GHz Intel Core i7

16GB 1600 MhZ DDR3

Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB

The game is v1.6.4

Here is the log file:

I've seen similar issues on here, however only for windows machines, and I'm not sure how the fix would work on macs.

Thanks in advance for your time

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We have escalated this issue to GOG, we will keep you posted as we move forward

Dudgeon Kipper

What does this have to do with GOG? I am running everything through Steam.

Stefan Furcht

Hello Dudgeon Kipper (funny name btw ;),

we support cross match making between Steam and GOG users.

To make this possible the game includes a GOG library included in the Steam version (and visa versa on the GOG version).

This GOG library seems to have a missing dependency on some users systems which is present and works correct on most systems unlike yours.

We are trying to find out right now which dependency is missing and will ask then GOG support about so we can distribute it automatically with the game.

See here:

If you would like to help us in finding the cause please run dependency walker as well like described in the linked thread.

This will allow us to see if you both have the same missing dependency or if there can be multiple.

Edit: I forgot that you are OSX user, but there exists an OSX version for dependency walker if you like to give it a shot.

Tomorrow we have an online appointment with a GOG dev to solve this problem hopefully for everyone.

If we can not find a solution quickly we are leaning to temporary remove the cross match making feature in a hotfix until the problem is fully resolved.

Hope this explains everything a bit?


Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
  • Completed - Resolved

This should hopefully be resolved in Patch 1.6.5 which is available now on Steam ,please let us know how you get on.

Dudgeon Kipper


Everything works now - thanks so much