Crash on closing

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Windows 10, radeon r200 series.

Crash in the begining 2 lvl of campagn when i try to close the game

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Hey Savatem,

Does this happen everytime that you close the game? Do you have a save file that you are quitting from?


I run this game twice, and both times it crash on closing. I think it may be always.

It was 3 lvl of the campaign now. )

Stefan Furcht

Seems it every time failed to log us a stack trace to investigate the cause

> RtlLookupFunctionEntry returned NULL function. Aborting stack walk.<Missing stacktrace information>

(Thanks Unity)
All we know it tried to access an invalid memory location.
In this way there is not much we can do and have to suspect an internal issue of Unity.

Since it doesn't happen to everyone It seems system specific.

Just one thing that traditionally caused such problems are wireless headphones.
Do you have wireless headphones?
If so please make sure they are set as default audio device and in stereo mode, which prevents Unity from running into an issue.

If it is not that, we are tapping in the dark unfortunately what the cause could be.

Lee G

The context doesn't matter for me.  It always crashes on close.  It happens if I just start the game then close it or Quit to Desktop from a mission.  No data has been lost or anything but it is annoying.  Win 10 x64, i7-6700K, R9 390, headphones are wired via Micca Origen+ (Via chip) USB DAC/AMP which is set to stereo.

win32 exception 14024

When debugging, the exception is caught by ntdll.dll which is *really* low level.

It does not produce any crash files in the game directory.

crashes.txt has what I copied from event viewer.




Two or more components referenced directly or indirectly by the application manifest have proxies for the same COM interface IIDs.

Stefan Furcht
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This is actually lower level than we have control over.
It is happening somewhere deep in Unity internals.
But for me and the vast majority of people the game doesn't crash on close.

We still try to upgrade to a newer Unity version, but since 5.5+ all come with their own set of new issues.

Thus I think there is no short term solution for this problem.

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This may now be corrected as we have moved to a more recent Unity version