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Claimed shrines/gateways have been "rediscovered" after loading previously saved game

Sebt 3 года назад обновлен Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) 3 года назад 4

Windows 10 64 bit, AMD 7800, Core 2 Duo Q9k, 8 GB RAM

Build 1.6.3

After loading any game (MPD, Skirmish etc.) shrines and gateways seems to be discovered by the game again, one by one. Moreover, their visual range (not owner status) behaves like they were unclaimed at the start of the loaded game and than game began to be claimed, one by one again for the player (their visual range gets some kind of reset). :v

A message about shrine/gateway discovery appears the the right (no voice over to it) - see picture below.

Fortunately, it doesn't apply to shrines/gateways that are not obtained by the player (previously discovered but under FoW, claimed by neutral or CPU player of war or undiscovered at all).

Game Version:
Steam Public

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