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Units get stuck inside walls and the game slows down badly. Cannot collect or return to home.

Jonathan Terrington (Ecig Swit 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 15

When playing the game, when my army amasses and I become ready for the offensive the game suddenly drops to a crawl and I have random units stuck in walls. I try everything like wormhole potions and return to base spells as well as simply picking them up to no avail. This has blighted me over various PC's.

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Hey Jonathan,

Could I get your system specs, save file and output_log, this guide will help you get that: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

Sure, I will also have a blast of the game too now and wait for the problem to create a save file then send the lot. I think it is because i get more pleasure out of building than attacking and it happens after maybe 30 mins :)

Bug ReportWFTO Bug report.zipHi, please find attached my save game where a crackpot got stuck in the wall. I was actually able to rescue him with a recall spell but if I don’t notice they get annoyed then stay there. Even after a return the game gets so laggy. What’s more, sometimes blood money, wormhole, picking up and recalling refuses to work and I am forced to quit after this happens simply as the game becomes unusable due to the lag. I think I have a high spec machine and only used mutators this time for speed in creating a save file. It happens on my other PC too which is a little lower spec! Thanks for looking into it.

Specify your platform

OS Windows

Version 10 64 bit

Ram 48.0 GB

CPU - 6 independent Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 0 @ 2.00GHz processors

GPU NVidia Titan X

HD- 4 SATA 2TB with part SSD in RAID 0 Config


Thanks for the report, this is more than enough to get this sorted, we will keep you posted

No, thank you for looking at it. It happens so predictably yet no one else mentions it. It must be the way I play the game!

It may be due to the low clock speed on your CPU. There's likely something we can do to mitigate it.

One of the reasons this broke is due to the removal of FOW, if you want to prevent this happening then please keep FOW enabled until we can get a patch out 

Hi, will try removing the Fog of war and let you know.

Also, again thank you for your help. As for the processor this PC is a server. It renders sony vagas faster than you watch it. Usually it takes 4 minutes to render a 10 min video in HD. The HP Z620 is a server machine. It is a little known model though and a lot of games like GTA etc warn me that the processor is unknown and may not met the specs so I get why it looks slow.

I have attached a screenshot of the processor showing its ranked high on PC Mark and I have 6 yes 6 of them inside this machine. This also happens on my other PC too which is high spec.

I dont doubt the raw processing power of the CPU, it was just an initial concern that the Developers had when they saw that you were running at 2GHz. 

We have found the cause of the issue and are working to fix it for the next patch coming in the next few weeks. The issue is that your save game is now ruined as you have multiple units causing issues across the map, leading to the low performance. We will see if we can manually fix it once the fix has been applied

You know, the service you provide is legendary. I love this game and I also love your customer service.

Just to be clear, the units got stuck then I saved it to show the problem. It was not a case that the game saved then when I reloaded the units were stuck. Don’t want you wasting time on a phantom issue because of a misunderstanding. No need to reply as your busy enough. Just wanted to be sure. I don’t need the save game fixing. I created it to illustrate the problem.

Yeah we saw that was the case. Fixing the save game would more be a service that we would do for you if requested as the failure on our end has damaged that save. Using Unity we can strip all of the broken units from the map and send it back to you so you can continue playing that level ;)

I'm glad to hear it, we always strive to do the best by our customers

Completed - Next Patch

We have attempted a fix which should prevent this in the next patch

Completed - Next Patch
Completed - Resolved