Please add support for saving in multiplayer

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I play with friends and we like to make the perfect bases and don't like to be rushed to "completing" a level. We play allied vs hard master AI's on custom maps. Pleas add support for saving and resuming multiplayer games.

All the functionality seems like it's already there as we can save in single player and skirmish. All that seems to be needed is to add an option in the lobby when loading a multiplayer game to select which player from the save you will take over for each player.

Please add this.

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Sadly we investigated the possibility of doing this quite some time ago. Unfortunately, there are severe technical hurdles in achieving this, it's certainly not impossible but it's much more complicated than it appears on paper.

While we'd like to see it it's very unlikely that we will ever get around to truly making this happen. Primarily because we'd like to focus on developing more gameplay features with what time we have left to devote to WFTO.