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Everything is unlocked [best bug ever!]

Nathan Goodley 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 16

Hi, all. Talked about this in a PM with nutter [Andrew] on the SubT forums, redirected to here.

To summarize: EVERY UNLOCKABLE is unlocked and useable. This means Q.A. and Dev Team exclusive content, KS-exclusive content, Steam-DLC and content unlocked through gameplay is all accessible in-game...

And that, as much as it pains me to say it, is a bad thing.

Game build: WFTO v1.3.2f3

Game log: Most Recent Output Log

System specs:


Intel Core i7 2670QM @ 2.20GHz
Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology


Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz)
1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M (Toshiba)


4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)

Images of unlocked content:

Deleted picture due to them showing unreleased content - Jan merzel

Game Version:
Steam Public
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If any other info is required, please let me know

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hey Amon.

if you would be so kind you could upload a screenshot from your DLC listing on your steam client.

(when you click on WFTO in the Library, there should be a list to the right, directly udner the achievements box.

This is the weird thing, Lordo: It is only the game itself that has all this DLC showing. Steam itself only shows the two things you would expect to see on someone's account who had owned the game since forever; the Evil Arcane theme and the Heart of Gold Expansion.

Since this started happening, I've become too scared to play WftO again, in case Steam starts going ballistic at me...

Also, moderators, please delete the images from the original post

Just commenting to note down my theory on this:

I reckon something is wrong with the unlock screen causing everything to be shown/available rather than hiding what should be locked. As opposed to all the items actually having being unlocked some how.


he said the things are usable nutter

Moderators, please delete the images from the original post. Sim has requested this [but you probably know this, pretty sure you are in that convo over at SubT


Images removed (by Riva since I couldn't figure it out in time)

The problem is... there doesn't seem to be an "Edit" button... I could be blind, though [being used to the SubT forum format doesn't help]


Hi Nathan,

I just wanted to let you know that we're still investigating the issue and that you should not feel you need to stay out of the game - There is no risk to your steam account getting locked or banned by this issue.

Thanks for reporting the problem and please enjoy the game. :)

Come on Scott, you need to find that either Nano or V0id goof'd so I can be all smug and gloat in Riva's face :D

Thanks, Scott. Will do :)

It seems like this is an issue that has to be resolved by steam. so it may take a while. enjoy your unlocks :D

To my grief, Steam has now figured out it goofed and removed that which I have not earned. So... fixed?

Nope. Not fixed. They're back... I feel like a groundhog

Completed - Resolved