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Not working God mode (replace tile does not work), if the tile has a bunch of gold.

Галиев Рустем 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

Windows 10 64 bit, 8 Gm RAM, Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-4500 CPU1.80 GHz 2.40GHz GPU: AMD Radeon R7 M265, Intel(R) HD Graphics Family. Version game 1.6.2f5

See video.

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt.



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Hire a good programmer.

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Not Fixable

Hey Ontos,

We do not fully support God Mode, issues like this will not be fixed due to the temperamental nature of the tool. I'd recommend removing the gold from the tile first and then using the tools.

The god mode does not have tools for removing bunch of gold. Make them (because you can not fix the bug).

The bug is important because the player can see the opponents without the involvement of their troops. As intelligent beings, dying, leave piles of gold. Please, if you can't fix a bug - make a button, that removes creatures, the ability to remove the pile of gold.