Emerald uses Cyan color

Impboy4 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 12

It seems that something borked in the patching and now Emerald is using the Cyan color in all other game modes.  No screenshots are necessary since you can easily spot this.

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Just to clarify either Emerald should be this color: http://www.colorhexa.com/50c878.png or the color used for Oberon in his campaign.

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Hey Impboy4,

I'm taking a look now and it seems that the colour is the same as it has always been. Could you take a screenshot of what you're seeing?

Screenshot_1.png This picture is what it looks like on my end.

If you want to use the Oberon Green please select Green.

If you play against two AIs where one is Cyan and another is Emerald; you can see where people will get confused.  The reinforced Walls in the mini-map look Cyan so people will mistake Emerald for Cyan. Tbh, it looks more like Teal than what Emerald actually is from the link I gave.

Also the skirmish Green is true Green; Oberon's Green in the campaign was more Chartreuse Green.


Hey Impboy4,

Thanks for the report, after looking at the two colours I can see that some themes do look very similar. We will look to change Emerald in a future update.

Glad to hear.  Off-topic, I would think about dropping the White color and replace it with another color so people won't confuse enemy Underlords with the Empire if both factions are on a map.  Maybe Brown if you can try to find a brown color that will stand out from the mini-map's brown colors.

We have left white in as some players enjoy "dressing up" as the Empire, we don't think it is enough of an issue to change.

It would be an issue because not all people are smart enough to know the difference.  The Empire is fixed to White for the sole reason which is to stand out from the regular players.  It has been a staple since Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2.  I think the player color version of White should be toned down to a more Silver-like color; that way the not-so-smart people can enjoy playing with an AI or another player who use an Empire theme without having to be so confused and/or frustrated to know who's who. 

Simple solution would just be to ban/block white being used by an underlord if the map contains any Empire faction units/rooms/etc.

Is that do-able Cian?

Well I don't want to ban White; just darken it a little so it's more different to the Empire's White.

Possibly nutter but I think it's more likely that we either let the use it or we don't. Especially as it's a player choice thing. 

I think leaving it be and possibly removing it from the random colour selection is best

We won't be changing the colour it's self