Game Crashed

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My System:

Windows 10 64bit


AMD R9 Fury X

24GB DDR4 2666MHz

Game running on v 1.3.2f3

While playing on the second level the game crashed to desktop top with

error saying a crash file was created. A few minutes prior to this the

game crashed to desktop with no errors, it simply closed.

I wasn't doing anything in particular in the level, I hadn't long started and was just carving out some rooms

Game Version:
Steam Public
Stefan Furcht

Hello again Kloud,
for other devs, this one is not the Wireless USB audio crash nor AVG antivirus false positive, so it might be an entirely new issue.
(Here the conversation we had so far
Any ideas mates?

how often do you encounter these crashes? Did you encounter it again after a reboot?


Those where my only 2 crashes, 1 with a log, the other was silent. After booting the game back up again today I played the first few levels without incident, no idea what caused it or if it could happen again but perhaps from the log files something can be seen to prevent it happening again to myself or anyone else.

Stefan Furcht

Please let us know if it happens again and if you can provide us another log.
But maybe just a driver had a malfunction because the crash log points deep into Unity internals and with some luck it just needed a reboot to fix.
Anyway let us know if it is a reoccurring thing.

Jan - Eric Merzel
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i will decline this issue until we get data we need to act upon. (basically to clean up the backlog)

that does not mean we ignore the issue please, feel free to add new logs if further crashes happen, or open a new report.

thank you for reporting this one