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Different Map size in saves & in lobby

Александр Петров 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

1. Select Map Hollow (Sandbox). Map Size In lobby - 101x101.

2. Start game.

3. Save Game.

4. Select Load Game in menu. Map size (in save property) - 99x99.

Something strange.

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The extra 2x2 is including the size of the outer ring of impenetrable rock which makes up the barrier around the map. Seems like a simple case of updating one of the screens to show the same value as the other.

Simple fix but probably low priority since it isn't actually affecting gameplay.

Thanks for the report :)

In next patch all views show the map size without counting the impenetrable border.
Thanks for telling us about this inconsistency!

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Completed - Resolved