Issues with changing Dungeon Themes

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Hello, I'm sure you've gotten this one a lot, but it's causing me a fair bit of grief and I didn't see any other bug posts to help me out with this issue.

I recently (today, actually) unlocked the Empire and Arcane themes through My pet dungeon, however I can't select them. It says I've completed the requirements, but all I can access are Standard and Sovereign.

Now I did see forum posts stating that the Arcane theme was unavailable, however those posts were rather old (well over a year), and didn't say anything in relation to the Empire skin.

Any help you can provide on the matter would be most helpful.

(also; I would like to say that, despite only owning it for 2 day's now, I've racked up nearly 32 hours on it, and I have loved every minute of it. I have fond memories of playing Dungeon Keeper as a child and I love what ya'll have done in the spirit of the game. Please do keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing how you continue to improve this otherwise fantastic game.)

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Ok, Nevermind. It would seem that turning the game off and going to bed for a few hours was enough to make the Themes register... apparently. So, no major bug, just a temporary inconvenience.

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Hey RevokFarthis,

It sounds like Steam cloud wasn't correctly updating after you unlocked the themes. If this happens again you should fully close the game and the steam and then open steam and verify cache, this will force Steam to update your progress. On the next load of the game you will have the themes available.

I really glad to hear that you are enjoying the game, go forth Underlord and claim what is rightfully yours.