Broken Load game

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I took the official map Hollow (Sandbox).

I dug out the whole earth, through the God mode placed 25 gold shrines on the map, created a bay for imperial creatures with the Midas doors, created a gigantic vault (about 90% of the total area of the map).

Now I can save the game, but I can not load it.

My Memory: 16Gb RAM
Video: GeForce 1080Ti
Game Version:
Steam Public

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Problem still exists. Game version 1.6.4

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My saves.

Older saves are loaded, newer ones are not.

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The save loaded for me but it did take an incredibly long time (about 5 minutes), maybe try to click load and then just leave the computer for a long time and see what happens.

If you could do that and then give me your output log that would be great.


Game crashes then I load saves

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It seems related to the worker skin you have used. We have fixed this for the next patch, until then I recommend avoiding the Jack O' Worker


Patch 1.6f12

Theme - Raskos

Worker - same as Theme

Game crushed when load save with big vault (same construction strategy).

This is not related to Jack O 'Worker


That is really strange, the game tries to load that DLC worker for some reason. I would say wait and see if the changes have improved it for you, as internally our changes have fixed the issue. Reply back after the next patch if the save still doesn't load.


Patch 1.6.1

I'm trying to load a game that saved in 1.6f12.
The game is still crashing.

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Hmm this is incredibly strange , I'll talk with the developers but the likelihood is that wont be much that we can do.

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Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the crash in a way that gives us any useful information. The game is crashing because something is the loading sequence is taking too long, this causes Windows to kill the process before it does any damage. 

The base issue is that the vault room is too big. Attached is a version of the save file where I have reduced the size of the rooms to something more sensible, I can't guarantee that it will work properly but it should have a better chance of loading. I would recommend you try and keep rooms less than 20x20 in size and have multiple rooms, rather than one large room.