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Lost campaign progress & crash on quit

Dan The-Man 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

I completed the original campaign a week ago, then started on the Heart of Gold campaign. Didn't play WFTO at all over Easter weekend, but when I fired it up today, ALL my campaign progress was gone. Also, the game crashes every time I quit. Starts up and plays for hours, but I have to ALT+TAB to show the "program stopped working" window, and close from there.

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Hey Dan,

This is incredibly strange, could I ask you to post your output log? You can find it by following our guide How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

I noticed all the campaign levels are still unlocked, just the "EXTRAS -> UNLOCKABLES" menu says I have zero requisites for ALL unlockables.

[Output Log]

The Campaign progress is stored in Steam Cloud as well as your unlocks.
It seems Steamworks is failing to retrieve this data correctly on your end.
We had this happening for some users from time to time.
Sometimes it was fixed by killing all steam processes and starting steam again,
but most of the time it needed a System reboot.
There were some cases where the users needed to uninstall and reinstall the Steam Client.
(The games library, settings and user data is unimpacted by this and should work as before reinstalling)

Well, simply selecting "Restart Steam" from the "Steam" drop down menu did the trick, but the problem returns every time the game crashes, which is every time I exit the game. I suspect the crash on quit may be related to closing the Direct3D device, possibly an issue with AMD's driver software.

Not Fixable

Hmm, well your output log doesn't show any signs of a crash so it is likely in the final steps of the program closing. I recommend updating your drivers if you haven't already.

In terms of what we can do there isn't much. This is a steam cloud issue caused by the game crashing, you'll just have to work around it by restarting steam. Updating your drivers any maybe following our General Crash Troubleshooting guide will help.