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Stupid Workers

Александр Петров 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 9

I have a similar situation like here Possible Bug - Lazy Imps

Workes too stupid. 17 Workers do not do anything. But you see at least 2 golden statues. I did not forbid the extraction of gold from them.

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But if I grab statue in hand & put to Vault workers begin mine gold from it.

If I use Blood Money spell on Cultist in Lair - workers mining his statue.

It looks like workers could not mining gold statues in the Archive.

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Ah they might be slightly inside the prop. I'll double check with the code team

Probably you are right. I grabbed the statue and moved it to another location in the archive - and my workers started pounding it.

And I also caught a Cultist when he entered the Archive, but has not yet reached the lectern. When I used the Blood Money on it, the workers began to mine gold.

Probably there really are "magical places" near the lectern, where workers do not have the opportunity to gold mining.


It looks like the statues are not being added to the work queue when they are Blood Money'd while working

This issue will be fixed with next Patch :)

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