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Tiles not matching chosen color after reload

Pokc Mvmxckm 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

I was doing a pet dungeon using the Arcane theme, with the team color of red and my workers were the Sovereign theme, and upon reloading the floor tiles changed to the Arcane theme default color of violet. The calmed wall tiles however, remained my chosen color of red. Highlighting the floor tiles with a room, then deselecting with a right click reverted the tiles back to red, however it was vary inconsistent and some times did not work, this also happened with the wall tiles when highlighted for digging, but the other way around changing the color from red to violet. Also, the workers I already had were turned in to the default Arcane workers upon reloading, however newly created workers were my chosen theme. The bug was purely visual and had no effect on game play.

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Hey Pokc,

I was able to replicate a very similar bug to you, it shouldn't be too hard to fix.

  • Open a S&S lobby
  • Pick team colour red, Arcane theme, Sovereign worker
  • Load the game
  • The floor will be violet but the tile toppers will be red
  • Make a save and load it
  • You will now have Arcane workers

Nano Boucher I can reproduce that saving a game with Arcane theme causes a reloaded save game to have Arcane workers (always). May be you have any idea how this could happen?

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