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Can't claim coins in my Pet Dungeon

Charoum 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 8

I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm just being stupid but I'm on the second level of my pet dungeon with all the lava. I've been summoning waves of mobs to try and get gold but it's been falling on or half on the pet portal and now I can't get it. Is there a way to get it or have I just screwed up and killed them too close?

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Thank you, very happy with the fast and efficient response and outcome. Looking forward to minions not complaining that I'm broke.

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Hey Charoum,

You wouldn't happen to have a screenshot showing the issue?

Sorry! Yes, that could be a bit more helpful.

Yeah... you haven't exactly screwed up but because they have landed on the gateway which is owned by "The Enemy" you can't claim them... of course if you could push them off (say with the shockwave spell...) you could get them once they land on your terrain.

I did try that but it didn't work, i assume it wasn't possible but will try that again when i get chance.

I was having trouble trying to get them away from their area, they kept running back behind it. Might just be my approach to it maybe.

Will try again when i get home. Thank you and sorry for the waste. (:


This is definitely a failure of design, the gold piles should be teleported to the edge tile of the gateway so you can collect it freely. I can't be sure right now of an ETA on a fix for this but it should be within the next 7 days.


Well the design says you can not pickup or collect items from enemy owned land and the gateway is enemy owned but can not be claimed.
However we will simply make all gold piles move to the side so they can be picked up.

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The gold will now be moved off of the gateway, simply build bridges around the gateway and your workers will claim the gold