Crash to Desktop on Single Player Custom Map

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Game crashed to desktop mid-game. I haven't had any problems before this other than the "too many converted minions" lag issues. I did notice that the gold shrine near the middle of the map that I had claimed and was working had turned into a blank black square not too long before the crash occurred, and had clicked on it a time or two to test it. The gold vortexes I had placed on the shrine were plainly visible, however. Lag was present but manageable at the time of the crash. Crash report is attached. 2017-02-14_122942.zip

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Hey caslomyr,

In order to investigate this further I'm going to need a bit more information. This crash seems to be caused by Unity native code, this does mean that unless we can reliably reproduce the issue it will be near impossible to find the root cause of the issue.

Can I confirm that the crash happened soon after the shrine disappeared?

Are you able to cause the crash in anyway?

Do you have a save game file of when the shrine had disappeared?


Hey caslomyr,

Unfortunately due to a lack of response I will have to close the ticket