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Neutral premade ghouls are attacking everyone while being ignored

Old Cat 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

At this map you can find a few neutral necromancers together with two neutral ghouls. Those ghouls are clearly belong to those necromancers, because when you pick up them, you also pick up those ghouls.

The problem is, when I located them, necromancers join me, but ghouls stayed neutral. They follow necromancers everywhere attacking my defences and creatures, while my defences and creatures ignore them completely. Thankfully, they can be killed by lighting spell.

Basically, looks like if in the map editor you create neutral ghouls, they will remain neutral forever.

save file:

through the back door_20170204225254

through the back door_20170204225254.meta

Game Version:
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It wouldn't be so bad if other minions could attack and kill them. But since they are ignored by everyone, it could be pretty dangerous.

They will be correctly converted in next Patch.
Thanks for pointing out this oversight :)

Completed - Next Patch
Completed - Resolved