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RMB slaps minions when it's not needed

Old Cat 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 6

If you point cursor at minion and click right mouse button, you will slap it. If you point it at something in gui, for example room, defence or minion, and click rmb, the game will show it on the map by moving camera to it.

But if a minion was under the gui itself when you click rmb at it, then the game does both things: slaps that poor minion and moves the camera to show you the object you want to see.

Slapping probably should be disabled when mouse cursor points at something in gui.

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Steam Public

Thanks for the report Old Cat, should be easy to prevent.

Hand of evil points below click hitbox, easily noticeable when clicking near the top of buttons

Clicking on the tabs causes the hand switch animation to play

Thanks for pointing out this issue.
We recently introduced this problem accidentally when we wanted to support dragging selections even when the mouse is over UI.
Unintentedly this allowed right clicks going through the UI which caused not only unintentional slaps, but also to potions put back to the potion panel to fall through the UI.

We got this sorted now and it wont happen in next patch.
Thanks for reporting!

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Completed - Resolved