Spirit workers don't pick up the gold on the floor

policeofficer110 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 9

Even though there are golds on the floor, spirit worker does not pick it up.

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Do you have some reproduction steps?
Or how did you manage to do that?

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Here is a reproduction procedure. I created a map for test. Normal workers are shuted away.




Reproducable on Internal build

I think it is by design, Stefan Furcht can you confirm ? = )

Not a Bug

When spirit workers mine gold they act as a gold vortex, so the gold instantly goes to the vault. However as soon as the vault is full they drop it. That's why the gold goes into the vault at the beginning without any workers visiting the core.

I know that one, and it's also true for normal workers. You can often see that happen at the Tavern.
But your Test methode is way better. Great job policeofficer110

Nano Boucher is correct.
Josh said to me earlier: Spirit Workers have a limited live span and therefore they should never waste time bringing gold back to the vaults and just mine it out and directly transfer it to the players vault.
So are also supposed to never pick up gold piles and bring them to the Vault.
I will assign this ticket to Josh to confirm that this design is still valid.