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Heart of Gold Inhibitors

gregored 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 13

I've gone back to playing the Heart of Gold, to finish out the achievements. I reached a point on Level 4 in which I had destroyed all the Inhibitors within the time limit, saved the game, and continued playing. I was defeated before finishing the level. The achievement did not show up for me, and when I reloaded the save file, (with the inhibitors destroyed), all except the last one destroyed were in the game again. I keep trying to reach the same point again, but have been unsuccessful thus far in repeating (-and now I had only 2 minutes remaining on the clock for the time limit) the achievement. I am also having an issue of loading a saved game, and the main screen comes up, with the cursor off in the black space, and no way to move anywhere else. Sometimes it takes a couple retries of reloading to get the actual save game back, and playable. (this is happening with heart of gold, level 4-haven't noticed it with any other levels)

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Hey gregord,

I just need some more info from you, can you post your system specs?

Could you also attach the output log and save file that you are having trouble with?

I'll do what I can. What output log?--What and where is it? As to the save file, it's been overwritten at least six times as I replayed the game.

Windows 10 Home 64 bit (HP 500-164 system)

amd a8-6500 apu with radeon HD graphics 3.5 gh (but I put in a geforce gt 730)

installed ram 32.0 gb

I restarted the level, reached the point where all the inhibitors had been destroyed, (and heard the message telling me so) saved the game, continued, and saved a separate file for the continuation. In both instances, all except the last destroyed inhibitor have reappeared again, as I mentioned originally. I would be glad to send you the save game files, one or both, if you tell me how to identify them, and where to find them. I also need to know how to access the log file.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for that. I did complete the level again, and even though the inhibitors visually appeared again, the achievement came through once I finished the level

Can I clarify what the issue is, are you meeting the requirements for the achievement and then not receiving the achievement?

Achievements are only given upon reaching the end screen.

The issue was that once I had destroyed all the inhibitors, saved the game, and reentered--all except the last one destroyed reappeared in the game. The last time I played the level, the same things occurred, but I got the achievement anyway upon the level's completion.


Can reproduce, thanks for the report. We will look at correcting this in an future patch.

Cian Noonan you say you can replicate. Can you connfirm me it is only visual. As in the inhib doesn't revive, it just doesn't look dead

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