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Blueprints can distract enemies forever

Old Cat 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 10

A worker tried to build an outpost when a new group of enemies showed up (it's on 55% health atm). I immediately grabbed him to save him, but now enemies see the blueprint and attack it. However its health does not reduce, making it a perfect distraction.

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Could you upload a save game from when this happened?



It's not the same save, I reproduced the issue.

The thing is, when you load it, outpost becomes completed a few seconds later, even though the worker is not there, and starts to lose health. But when I made the save, it was just a blueprint with about ~50% health, and it was attacked already. All I did is grabbed the worker before outpost was completed, and waited for enemies to approach and notice it.

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I am totally unable to replicate this bug. Do you have any specific steps that you took?

Just now I replicated it again without loading a save:

- started a new game on the Summoning Stone map (second map in the dlc)

- destroyed the closest artifact shrine with stone knights to get access to the route where spawned heroes pass by all the time

- constructed an outpost on neutral ground close enough to the heroes path, but grabbed all workers before they managed to finish it completely - I usually wait until it's half finished.

Done. Once heroes are close enough, they notice it and start attacking.

I also tested it in Cassita home realm, I half-built an outpost with ~50% readiness right before the gates on neutral ground and then summoned a wave of heroes. It's less effective there, since only sappers attacked the blueprint. All other heroes ignore it. So I suppose sappers in Cassita home realm and all heroes on the second dlc map can see unfinished constructs...

"So I suppose sappers in Cassita home realm and all heroes on the second dlc map can see unfinished constructs..."

That's the intended behaviour of all units. The issue in this ticket is the blueprint not taking damage, do you have any steps to reproduce this?

Oh. I wasn't aware that unfinished constructs can be targeted by enemies at all.

You right, in this case it cannot be replicated so easily, my bad. It happened while playing on save file made in 2016 from this tread http://brightrockgames.userecho.com/topics/1804-cannot-load-a-save/

so it might be the problem.


Well they are so quick to build it's rare they are ever attacked, so I can understand how you missed that.

It could be related to blueprints that are loaded from a save.

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It's not related to saving a map with a half completed blueprint.

I cannot do much more without the save file.

And the save is corrupted. Nothing we can do, I suppose.

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If you recreate this reliably I can reopen it. Otherwise there is nothing we can do.