Can't create a map. The game freezes.

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Windows 10 64 bit, 8 Gm RAM, Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-4500 CPU1.80 GHz 2.40GHz GPU: AMD Radeon R7 M265, Intel(R) HD Graphics Family. Version game 1.5.1f5

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Can't create a map. The game freezes. Watch the video.

Just click on "create map" and the game freezes, not responding. Waited 20 minutes, - it is useless, all the same. Have to kill game process using the windows task manager.

Regular bug, discovered today. I conducted "check integrity cache" (all files were successfully tested) - did not help.

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt


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The problem, if not clear, in the map editor.


Restarted steam. Then entered the name manually, letter by letter. It helped. Previously copied from a file .txt (Notepad).

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Perhaps due to text formatting being pasted as well if you copied the text from somewhere breaking the map creation when it tried to save the text formatting code as part of the name string

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Sorry Ontos, I can't reproduce, even when I have my game in Russian. Is there anything else that you did that might be causing this?


Can you link us to the webpage or whatever it was that you copy and pasted the original name text from (before you typed it manually)


The problem recurs. Now I create a map by entering the name manually. Size 122 by 122. On 4 players.


I think that this problem is specifically created to it I couldn't create a new map.


Possibly related bug: today I edited my old map "Divide et impera", saved, published locally, but when published to steam having this error, see screenshot: