Mutator only apply to host

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I hosted 4 games on 2 different maps.

The Mutator i created for the match had the following configuration:

1. Higher mana parameters

2. Higher creature population

3. All rooms are unlocked from the beginning.

In the new Version 1.5.1 which was installed through steam, the following problem appeared:

a) The mutators were only applied to the host

- The host was able to build all rooms from the Beginning.

- The client could only build the start set.

- The client got much less creatures.

In the last version, this problem didn't exist.


In a second match, we just increased the overal amount of mana.

This parameters were applied to both (the host and the client)

So it may be, that only some parameters do not seem to work.


Good to know:

The Client saw the correct mutator configuration on his side.

Game Version:
Steam Public
Stefan Furcht
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This sounds odd because it was working before indeed.
However we did some changes to the Veins of Evil to avoid players getting locked off further down aspects by disabling early aspects.
Maybe this change broke it, anyway we will have to test this next week.

Stefan Furcht
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Stefan Furcht
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I am testing this right now with the exact settings you mentioned but it works just fine for me.
When a mutator is changed by the host a copy of the settings is send to the client and it is applied when the game starts.
Maybe anything was blocking the settings send to client, eg. any network filter or firewall?
All I can see is if the data is transmitted correctly the mutator is applied on clients without issues.

> The Client saw the correct mutator configuration on his side.

This would not make too much sense, because then all mutator options did arrive correctly on client side and then they should apply no matter what.
So unfortunately I have no idea what did happen to you, since I can not reproduce an issue after multiple attempts.

It seems to work flawlessly.
What we would need are steps to reproduce the problem.

Or do you have any other idea how this could have happened?

Does the problem always occur or did it just once?
Does it occur when you switch the roles of host and client or when you play with a different person?

Stefan Furcht

Could you please give us a notice.
Otherwise we do not know how to reproduce the problem and may close this ticket soon.

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Customer has not replied for two weeks, impossible to reproduce without aditional info