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Sir Roussimoff and Duke never get their wages.

policeofficer110 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 10

Sir Roussimoff and Duke never get their wages though golds are in front of them.

And they get angry.

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This issue is not fixed in v1.5.1f5.



We needed to quickly look at multiple issues this saturday to get an hotfix out which had more pressing problems than this.
So we found a potential cause for the problem which we fixed but did not took the time to test if it does so in fact.
We'll be looking into this one again next week when it is a bit more calmed.
The save game will help to reproduce quicker I hope.

No problem. The priority of this issue is low. Thank you.

The real issue was exactly about these both characters and all their variants.
While they indeed have a gold need and are supposed to get paid, they used a special behaviour which did not include need satisfaction.
So they were never able to satisfy the gold need because they did not know how to grab their wage.
This will be fixed with next patch.

Completed - Resolved