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version: 10


8gb ram

intel core i5-4690K CPU

geforce gtx 780

game version 1.5.1

haven't the game for a long time, try to play it today and the logo comes up the game lauches but there is not black loading screen, the program freezes and when i got to look at it in task manager is say it is surspended

Game Version:
Steam Public

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Scott Richmond Programmer & Producer
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Very strange! Can you please try validating the steam cache for the game?


i just tried that, it either started as a background processes with no logo, or did the same thing as before validating but it didn't freeze the screen, and both are still surspended, im going try reinstailing next unless you have a another idea

thank you for the help

Stefan Furcht

Hello m100madness,

Yoou log seems to stop before any of the games code is even running, which suggests a very basic issue to be present as not even Unity (our game engine) seems to start correctly.

can you check if you use AVG Antitvirus and if so if disabling it fixes the problem when you start the game?
AVG likes to find a false positive and block off some of the games resources.
In this case add an exception for WFTO.exe and WFTOGame.exe in the games installation folder.

Further to, can you check if you are using wireless headphones and if so if unpluging them fixes it?
In this case make sure they are set as default audio output and to stereo, otherwise Unity (our game engine) likes to crash.

There are more possible things to try.
Here is a full ist:

Hope any of that helps!


AVG forgot that i made the game an exception, fixed now thanks for the help

Scott Richmond Programmer & Producer
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