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Game crashed after finishing mission 1 of HOG

lordfwahfnah 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 14 1 duplicate

Hello Devs,

my game crashed after turning M-M-Mandalf the whatevercolored into gold with my bloodmoney spell. The game then told me to send you the crash report. i hope this will help.




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Do you have anymore information about what you did before the crash?

What colour was Mandalf?

How many gates did you destroy?

too bad i have no savegame of that.

I don't realy know what color he had. He died the n'th time and was set into my prison. i then tortured him in my chamber to corrupt him. i played further for half a hour or so, destroyed all but one gate (the last one i couldn't destroy). i spawned about 80-90 sentries until i got bored. so i moved Mandalf in the empty Prison again and cast bloodmoney on him. the camera moved to his location, he then was moved out of the prison (because the goldstatue is automatically teleported out) but the camera was not following. the mission ended and the game crashed before the endscreen showed up.

I think this is all. I can't recreate it since i have no savegame left of the mission

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That's actually incredibly helpful, I think early next week I will retrace your steps and see if I can reproduce.

We've tracked down the steps to cause this exactly, this has now been passed to the dev team


I am not sure if I got exactly the same problem, but the game also crashed after I cast the blood money spell on Mandalf.

Whatr have I done, I fought mandalf several times and finally I got him in prision and tortured him in the torture chamber. He finally joined my army.

But I didn't cast the blood money spell right now. I destroyed all optional gateways and captured all neutral minions and artifacts. Finally I cast the spell on mandalf after I found out, I can't destroy the proteced gateway to the north next to the gold shrine.

My last save game was about 10 minutes before I guess.

Aftter casting the spell I received 2 steam achievements, but the I got the OOPS Crash.

My specs:

- Windows 10 x64 Build 14393.693


- Resolution 3840x2160

- latest NVIDIA Geforce Experience + Driver installed

- Intel Core i7 5960X

- 64 GB RAM

I uploaded here the crash report, de Options I set ingame and the savegame.

I am using v1.5.1f5 Underlord Edition.

I finished yesterday the main campaign without such a problem.


It was Mandalf the Daffodil Yellow I cast the spell onto.

After loading the savegame and redoing the spell the problem wasn't reproducable so I hope the crash report is of help.





War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt



Hey Puh,

We have tracked down the source of this issue and it is currently with our dev team.

The crash occurs when you blood money a converted Mandalf in your prison.

This will be fixed in our upcoming patch

Hi and thanks for the fast response.

I am impressed you are working on sunday :-)

I am glad this problem is fixed with an upcoming patch. I wanted to let you know I have converted Mandalf but at the time i cast the spell he was not imprisioned, he was wandering around in my dungeon. I am not sure if that's a new situation or my situation is technically the same?

That does sound different. I'll investigate further with the code team on Monday.

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After much investigation we have discovered that the root issue is with the unity engine unfortunately.

This type of crash should be rare, but do post on this thread again if you experience the same issue.

Also, Mandalf was lvl 8 when I put him in the torture chamber, 2 gates destroyed, I think he was green-colored not sure tho

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What was Mandalf doing when you Blood Money'ed him?

He was just standing and talking in the last animation where he was talking about the thing I needed, also slapped him during the animation... crashed after completing the level so I didnt have to redo the level (luckily)

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We are getting multiple reports of this issue so I'm going to merge this ticket.

The issue seems to be related to audio playback during load.

Completed - Resolved

This should now be fixed, let us know if otherwise