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Crash while finishing game

CuMu 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 6

Crash while finishing attached level (behind ennemy lines)

6 derrire les lignes ennemies_20161220151550.zip



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Hello CuMu,
I had a look at your logs and the stack trace is in internal code of Unity3d (our third party game engine) and does not involve any of our own code.
So we might forward it to them so they can take a look.

Did this happen only once or multiple times?


It happen only once, today is the first time.


Hi I'm passing this back to Stefan but I can't promise we'll have a response before the new year. We're all currently on leave for XMas :)

Completed - Resolved

This specific case should now be fixed as we have moved to a more stable Unity version