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Game Crash

LifeGuan9953 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 5

The game crash anytime in campaign or launch screen. There are black screen, PC restart or driver stop response in mid game. I tried lower graphic effect and updated newest driver but same. Here the error file, hope u guy can detect the issue. Thanks


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Hello LifeGuan,
Could you share your system specs like described here:

Your log suddenly ends and there was an invalid memory access caused by "gameoverlayrenderer64.dll" (Steam Overlay).
But before that there were some errors eg.
"[Coherent Browser] (Warning) PID: 9160 | 416 09:17:25.542810 Shared textures are not properly supported on Windows 7 without Service Pack 1. Please install the latest service pack."
And then the output_log.txt written in the crash folder was even corrupted.

That's why we wonder which OS you have installed, but also how the other specs look.

However right now it looks like Steam Overlay is causing it, so I would suggest to try to disable it to see if it fixes the issue:

Hope this helps!

Hi Stefan Furcht,

Thank the advice and solution. Here my core information. Spec.jpg

So did disabling Steam Overlay fix the issue for you?

Sorry late reply. I disable Steam Overlay and there is more stable now. The game crash only cause PC restart and I check the folder for error files nothing to be record or create there.

Completed - Resolved

This is what I wanted to know, if you can play now without issues.
Glad to hear all works now :)